Thursday, May 10, 2012

Moving on to the next cycle!

Well AF (period) came once again as I was about to take a HPT (home pregnancy test) this has happened to me repeatedly!! So this next cycle, I will not test until after AF is do, if I get that opportunity! So my plan of action this cycle is to baby dance every other day to every day for 8 days or so. This cycle I contemplated buying evening primrose. But after lots of thought I decided against it and bought preseed instead. I just felt like EP was doing a little too much at this stage. I thought preseed was less complicated and has no side effects. I know we are fertile and capable of conceiving. We just need to be patient and enjoying ttc and not stress about it and it will happen. I have faith that it will. Today is cycle day 9 and baby dancing is going well and it's not at all like a chore, it's been fun and spontaneous. So far preseed is great! I'll do a review on it soon, here and on my YT channel.

Until next time!

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